Handsome son's concert

Beautiful Music

My son had an orchestra concert tonight. He really enjoys playing the viola. We enjoyed it tremendously.

Simple pleasures

What better way to learn to write the letter "X" than to write it in shaving cream right on the table? Kindergarten is the place to be if you need reminders about simple pleasures. I love my job!


FG's Pinewood Derby car came in second in his first heat! This is a huge accomplishment for our family. You see, we don't have a great "track record" with derby. This may be our first success after four boys! Will pipe back in later with results. . .

Sledders' Paradise

With about a foot of snow on the ground we packed up and headed to Rock Canyon Park in Provo, where we joined a couple hundred other people for some sledding fun! FG talked about how much fun he had and Adam just kept running ang gunning face first on the snow disk. You know you are getting older when you can barely convince your legs to cross indian style on the disk. Gorgeous day!

Elder Burton and Elder Hall

Here is the first photo we received of our son, Perry and his mission companion Elder Hall, who is Canadian. Handsome partnership!

Multimedia message

What do you need after a long hard day of playing drums? How about some video games? :)

Let's get started...

I have been blogging for a year or so on Yahoo 360 and have really enjoyed it, but my husband has been preaching the Google gospel and I must say it out loud..."I BELIEVE!"  Being that BLOGGER is linked through Google, I am going to give it a try here and see how I like this set up.  Lots going on in my life and family right now, and writing here in addition to my journal should help me make good sense of things.  I will be posting photos along with some ponderings as I go.