self portrait using the iphone app icolorama

Social proof is a principle my husband teaches in his literature and writing classes.  It is the idea of creating content that is connectable with many others through new media, and through its connection becomes legitimate and real.  Geo's students are on fire about it.  The traditional research paper seems dead once we consider immediate and meaningful dialogues that we can be a part of through this way of researching and writing.  He encourages his students to publish drafts on their blogs.  To write about the process.  To use social media to connect with others that have similar reading and writing interests.  Twitter, Google+, etc.

I think of the metaphor.  Allowing ourselves to show some of our own growth.  The rough drafts of our own learning.  Of our own lives.  Taking the risk of being "proven" through relationships.  Not necessarily to define our worth, but more to sort through our thoughts and progress.  This is one reason I love to blog.  The way we are able to feel socially engaged and to know we have an audience, no matter the size.  And the opportunity it gives us to return and report.  

Writing into a void rarely serves anyone.  

summer singing session

He Won't Go (click to listen)

A little singing on a warm Summer afternoon.  

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