sad sad stigma

I found out this morning that two moms came into the school office to withdraw their children from my class.  Nothing personal.  They just don't want the stigma of special ed following their kids around.  It saddens me though.  They are young enough to avoid any stigma, unless the parents create it, and to get early intervention.  But I can't force it.

On the upside, I have a couple of high school interns coming into my class to assist this year.  It will be a great experience.  For them, for the kids, and for me. I like seeing people get excited about teaching.  I feel like a successful missionary when I see the flame get ignited.

I love my job.  It is important and invigorating and inspiring.  I hope to do it justice as I serve my little kiddos.

the young one

Tonight we went to pick up #4 from his friend's house.  He is at that age where the man is trying to sneak out from behind the bumpy skin and the loud and cracking voice.  Where he thinks he needs us a little less.

He is my baby, but not for long.
My affectionate and loving young one.