the business of change

Been forever.

We have listed our home for sale. I had forgotten how much time and emotional attention it takes to sell a house.  Every darn room has memories floating around in it.  I can't even write the feelings I have when I walk around in here.  But Geo and I have both felt sure that we are supposed to go in this new direction.  We won't go far, but we feel like we do indeed need to go.  19 years in this neighborhood brings nostalgia, but also a bit of restlessness.  In addition, we have felt like it is time for another family to enjoy this splendid neighborhood.  To raise their kids where they can walk to the elementary school, the store, the church, the park.  All of a sudden I feel like the house is almost pushing us away.

Strange how it is hard to cook, to go out and exercise, to keep in touch with friends, read blogs, to tend to regular things when you start to allow yourself to relocate, even emotionally only.  Distractions upon distractions.  It almost becomes paralyzing, not so much because of the busyness that comes with prepping a home to sell, but because your mind is fractured and random and offline.

If we don't get a bite here we will recommit and dig back in, happily.

Strange, the way we need to be so flexible in such a firm and sturdy thing as a home.

This Wonderful World

I wish you all could come to my classroom on December 19th and see my little specials do their Christmas program.  You would understand why I love my job.  You would understand the innocence of children a little more.  You would understand why I cried when they each held up their paintings as I sang Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".

The thick brush strokes of red on the heart (..."they're really saying "I love you"...), and the yellow stars and moon on the black paper (...the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night...).  I felt so dumb and so tainted and so concerned and consumed with worldly things while I thought about what really matters.


It's all good.


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A guest post from Kazzy's husband, Gideon Burton.

Kazzy isn't too happy today. Her voice is being silenced, literally, by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Today she received a notice from Blogger that someone had complained of her infringing upon copyright. If she doesn't remove the copyrighted material from her blog it will be shut down. So, she's complying. After nearly 800 posts and many years, she doesn't want to put her blog at risk.