"And the Oscar goes to. . . ."

So this year we will host our 11th annual Oscars party. We invite the same few couples every year. Ballots, prizes, food, and, best of all, fierce competition! There are still a few lead films we didn't get to, but I am pulling for Juno to get some deserved recognition. Atonement powerful too.

Multimedia message

Married to a poet

Woke up this morning to find a Valentine's poem taped to the mirror in the master bathroom. It was especially sweet because it was written on red paper with blue crayon. I am a lucky woman. G.O. has always been very affectionate and I am thankful for that.

Perry and baby

Perry and baby
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I showed this photo to a few friends this weekend and as you might expect it was a big hit. One friend, who is getting ready to send out her first missionary son, started crying immediately upon seeing it. Hard to say which one is cuter!

Columbia Gorge#1

Columbia Gorge#1
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Looking forward to driving through this beautiful part of the country in April as G.O. and I go to Seattle for our delayed 20th anniversary trip.

The "suffer" part of "suffrage"

Tonight G.O. and I waited in line for two hours and twenty minutes to vote in the presidential primaries. Two lines were formed, but unfortunately those with last names between A and L made a much longer line. We, of course, were glad to have the opportunity to vote, but as we got closer and closer to the front of the line we recognized what the hold up was. Old ladies at the front table writing with shakey hands. Hands that made some mistakes and then needed to erase what they had written. Then there were three or four empty booths at once because of the delay at the table. Then I felt pretty guilty. These ladies were smiling and happy to serve. Some of them seemed old enough to have had mothers that fought for the vote. I smiled, took my voting card and walked to the booth.

Boys With Rhythm

Before school today we got L and FG's hair all done up for "crazy hair" day at school and then had an impromptu dance in the kitchen. What? Don't you start the day like this?