Is this thing on?

Between my 47 (yes, you read that right) IEP meetings this month and my home for sale and my teenagers and allergies and a few other things going on, phew, I have been absent from the blogosphere.  But, oh, how I have missed checking in with friends and having this place to write about what matters to me.

Today marks a year since we lost our little granddaughter.  I still feel the weight of that baby in my arms as I held her and whispered that I loved her. She has taught us a lot over these months, even though she was only with us for a few hours.

But even more than little Olive, today I think of my daughter-in-law and how much I love her.  And how much my son loves her. We could have lost her if things had turned a different way.  She is healing.  We all are.  Life is good and families are forever.

We are planning a road trip to Mecca this Summer.  Mecca = The Outer Banks, NC.  Where we go as an extended family to regenerate every couple of years.  There will be sun and sand and crab, and we will be happy there.  I am literally counting down the days until we go and I get a change of venue.  And the count is down to 111 days.

I can smell the water.  I can hear it.  Feel it.