and miles to go before I sleep

Some days I live off of the buzz of being swamped with so many good things. My mind is so crammed full that I can forget about the gaping hole in my bank account or the other things I am worried about, like job security or other mid-life do-dads. The high blood pressure I live with adds to the buzz and often seems to help me. Weird, huh?

I had 20 little cuties show up in my classroom today. One cried when he didn't get to play with the cars and trucks. One left the bathroom door wide open while she was taking care of business. And one couldn't cross his legs for a million bucks. It. Was. Awesome.

green on my walk

With my beloved Zumba on hiatus, I took to the road today, walking my stake boundaries. I try and do that with an open mind and heart so that I can get inspiration and peace for my church calling as stake young women president.

When I walk with a purpose my breathing is different. I have silent prayers and then a little conversation with myself. Decent company most of the time. I wish I had pulled out my ear buds and stopped to talk to the 2 blonde girls talking in that front yard. Probably a real missed opportunity there. Next time.

Shared protein shakes with neighbor friends on the front porch as we talked about movies and kids and being CEOs at home.

A life with no reflection is not worth living.

trust me on this one

I am a friend-maker.

This is not true because I have any special skills in the area, but because it matters to me.  Creating a net, a safety net, of women that I love and respect seems almost as important as nurturing my family.  It adds oxygen and vitality and nutrients into my life.  And I don't feel like I am speaking metaphorically here.  I really really mean it.

I know a great lady who is moving this week.  Her life has changed and she is taking on some new challenges and opportunities, and moving is part of the deal.  She arranged a last-minute late night for all of her close friends the other night, where we ate and sat in a big circle and laughed and talked.  We offered up personal anecdotes about life and shared common experiences with mothering and wifing.  Boy, was it food for this soul.

google image

Little micro-lessons.  Little validations.  Little hand-holdings.  Being a woman with friends like this rocks the party.

results of a day at the office

full sink I came home to after work today

As I was sitting in my quiet classroom today, planning and organizing, I realized how good I have it.

During the 18 years of my 24-year marriage that I was home with my children, I loved it. I am not a perfect housekeeper and homemaker (I give myself an A-), but I am a nurturer, and I fully enjoy making my home a comfortable place where people want to be. Where meals are cooked and books are read and music is played. It mattered so much to me that I was able to be home with my kids all of those years. Even with the days of anxiety and claustrophobia, which surely show up here and there, I think of those years with all of my boys home with fondness. It was sweet and sugary and yummy.

But now, as my life is changing in its demands on me, I enjoy the time I spend at my job August-May. The kids are squishy and loving and brimming over with potential, and the progress they make is so satisfying it is hard to put into words. I love my technicians that work with me, my other coworkers in my school.

I count my blessings backwards and forwards when I reflect on the serendipity that allowed me all of these blessings. My first choice? Home. Even now with almost grown kids. It is the absolute best place to be. But while we have a need for me to work, I will go the half mile to my job with a thankful smile and ready heart.

waiting for that change

I went to see "The Help" last night, and all day I have had this song stuck in my head.

I recorded this one a year ago, but as a tribute to the theme of the movie I wanted to repost it.  

Here's to all of the people who are still waiting for that change in circumstance.  Prayers.

**Click on the song title below.

A Change Is Gonna Come

modern flirtation

When I first met my future husband, way back in 1986, I would hope to run into him on campus. If that happened, I would do the best I could to drop every hint that a phone call would be nice. Welcomed even. And oh, he was good. He would call on a Thursday, after days of me emotionally pacing around my apartment. Old-fashioned me would never consent to call him.

Now I don't only call and flirt in the middle of the day, but I send little smoochy face messages like this.

And then later we usually kiss.

Much better than the dance of '86.

furry medicine

After all of the daily logs I published during my month-long therapy vacation, I came home a little drained and a little nostalgic.  It was a tough re-entry this time.  The ocean, the family, the seafood, the squishy new little nephew.


So, in the middle of my melancholy, which included a couple of days of slumped shoulders and deep breathing, I decided to get me one of these.

Meet Chachi 

The mixture of my return to reality and my kids turning into grown ups has led me straight into a mid-life thingy, and this puppy makes me feel better.  Two dogs and a bunny are good medicine for a lady that finds herself wanting to take care of someone.  Who knew?  My husband just smiles and holds the little guy and we are all a big happy family.

Plus the ears just got me as soon as I met him.  The dog, I mean.