too quiet to hear anything

Sometimes being still is a real chore.
Sometimes I want to solve things.
To fix it.

I don't believe God only answers us with a voice still and small.
I believe many, if not most, of my answers have come while I have been in the middle of an action.
He either says, "Nope.  Not quite." Or he says, "Almost." Or sometimes even, "You got it."

I can't always hear when it's quiet.
I have felt bad about that at certain points in my life.
Like when people in church talk about these very sweet experiences of gentle revelation.
But then I realize that it is the personal nature of the communication that counts.  
I don't talk to my mom the same way I do to my sister or my friends.
They each need to hear me differently.  

My answers and promptings and discussions are tailor-made for me and my own personality and needs.