musical monday: fly me to the moon

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I heard this song during the week and knew I wanted to record it right away.

A little Frankie to start your week off right (click below).

Fly Me To The Moon

unconditional handsomeness

one of my handsome nephews
I am a people person. But who wouldn't be, with a "people" like this in the family?
I spend 6 hours a day with little people that teach me about unconditional love, patience, and hard work.
Little people know what counts.
My own children also taught me truckloads about life, and even though they are growing up now, they are still little people to me in many ways. Maybe because unconditional love is the mortar that still holds us all together.
Right before my sons left for a camp out this morning, my #4 bear-hugged me and called me "mama", which I love. And my #3 promised me he would not do anything stupid, like take dares or melt his shoes in the fire, or break his pelvis. Again.
But really, adults are cool too. Just not as cool as little people. Or as good-looking as that hunk in the photo.

because some stories really matter

Sweet breads, kale and sweet potato soup,  and chourico.  These are the things I could expect when my family and I would drive from Virginia to Massachusetts to see all of my grandparents.  My grandmothers would speak Portuguese to each other as we all sat together in one of their living rooms eating and visiting.  I can smell the food and hear the language when I close my eyes and remember those days.

When your parents are the first generation in your family born in this country, you have stories to hear.  You have stories to TELL.  I want to tell my story.  And this is why I am excited about the Story @ Home Conference that will be held March 9-10, 2012 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

The event will be sponsored by Family Search and Cherish Bound and will be all about getting your story told.  No, it is not an event solely for LDS people.  There are already people from all over that are buying tickets and planning to come.  It is going to be so worth your time.  Look, I am a very busy person (like many of you), but when something just feels right when you hear about it, don't you want to be a part of it?  Getting those stories told about your family is like figuring out who you are.  It is meaningful stuff, and I am excited about attending.  If you are a family historian, a genealogist, a blogger, or simply someone who wants to become one of these, please mark your calendar now.

For more buzz about this wonderful event click here to visit the facebook page for the conference.

looking at my hand

The other day I came home after work and crashed, which I do sometimes after a long day with the special kiddos. When I woke up I stretched my vision down my arm and looked at my hand. Totally relaxed, it was slightly curled and wanting to grasp. To hold on. To offer something.

I find it interesting that a hand at rest is not wide open and stiff, but soft and curved. No deep thoughts beyond that. An observation of my God-created body.

wet stones

sudden cloudburst on 10/1/2011

I ran out for some alone time while all of my men were off at the LDS Priesthood session of general conference on Saturday night. After stepping into a little boutique for some browsing, the heavens opened and God sent shiny down upon us.

The cobblestones, the railings, the passing cars. Everything doused with rain and left cleaner than it had been just minutes before.

Like me. Renewed. Cleaner. Washed after the heavens had opened for me. Through living prophets' words.