a reason to write

When I was reminded today that November is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) I almost called the paramedics.  For my blog.  Not for me.  Because as much as I have wanted to nurture it, I have been distracted by other life stuff and my poor little place here has been gasping for air and ready to give up the ghost.

I do miss writing and would like to get back to it on a regular basis.  Even if that means weekly, or monthly.  Whatever ends up working for me.

Been finishing up phase one of our reno on the new old house.  We love it.  It is comfy and has bigger rooms for gathering, which was a main reason for the move.  New kitchen just finished. Etc., etc.  We are happy here.  In this process I have learned that my mind and soul feel about 20 years younger than my body.  Man, that is a tough reality to face.  We set Nov 2 as a deadline for the main common areas to be finished so that we can rest during the holidays and enjoy family and friends and stop having nightmares about grout and baseboards and flooring.  In the early Spring phase two will consist of painting bedrooms and the garage.  Also some gardening will be squeezed in. 

Grad school.  Yeah.  Starting my project with a committee that was already up and running.  That was a blessing.  I need to start my lit review and decide on my research method, etc.  Lots to do.  Brain tired.  Schedule full. 

Work continues to be rewarding.  I am learning a lot this year about motivating kids to perform, getting basic behaviors in place, and having difficult discussions with parents.  I have been misunderstood a few times already and fear I have stepped on toes, but I am a good diplomat and know I am serving the children best by advocating for them, even if I ironically end up doing so with their own parents.  Everyone's intentions are good, but when you talk about special needs kids emotions are involved and things get kind of loaded.  All will be well.

I have had numerous occasions lately to feel tender feelings about my children and husband.  My youngest 2 are both in high school this year.  Kind of a landmark thing.  My oldest is working so hard at school, and his wife is supporting them.  These kids are so independent and interesting.  And my second son is burning the candle at both ends.  Work and school and dating.  That's his life.  And what can I say about Geo.  Seriously the guy is incredible.  He has worked so incredibly hard on our house, usually after a long day at work or all day on Saturday.  True blue, I tell you.

Life is good and I have many things to feel happy and hopeful about.  


Stacy | November 2, 2013 at 9:11 AM

I'm glad you are happy. You deserve it, sweet friend.

Lara Neves | November 3, 2013 at 3:47 PM

I'm glad to see you writing again. :) I love reading your thoughts.

This time around I'm not putting anyone I don't LOVE on my blog reader. That will make it easier to keep up.

lesa | November 4, 2013 at 10:24 AM

I have loved seeing the photos of your house become your own. It looks warm and comfortable.
I, too, am trying to write more posts and read more.