you again

Some people are haunted by regret or bad decisions. Some by dead relatives who return with vital messages. Today I was haunted by a nineteen-ninety-something turquoise Pontiac Grand Prix.

I left work to head north for a couple of errands and a doctor's appointment. It had been a long day with even more budget cuts playing out in our school, which has gotten to be a bit depressing. Sitting at the last light at the north end of my town I heard a loud rattle beside me and looked over to see my ghost. It was practically duct taped together, inside and out, and was incredibly sad, actually. The light changed and we both drove through on the main road into the next town, passing each other here and there as we went. But finally I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed I had lost my rattley poltergeist somewhere behind me.

On I went for the next two hours, getting things accomplished and even catching an early dinner at an Indian restaurant with Geo. Chicken Korma, naan. Soul medicine. But cub scouts called and I needed to head home to prepare, and to check in with my boys. My little touchstones.

I found myself wandering mentally as I drove south toward my house. I think I will take the cubs to the grocery store where we can do a little lesson on shopping on a budget. FG still needs help making his puppet show. So funny to get a letter from my missionary son about a monkey wrestling a banana from his hand. And I wonder if he had fun chasing impalas through a savannah. Amazing things he is experiencing. I need more socks. I will miss Joan and Connie next year. I am grateful for my sister, who really cares about me. And then there it was again. Same place, just heading the other direction. My new friend. My noisey specter.

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*I am considering a hiatus from Musical Mondays until I accumulate some music.

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charrette | March 11, 2009 at 12:22 AM

Why do I feel like you were just visited by the Ghost that haunts Mater in the Cars DVD? Kind of sweet that you kept crossing paths.